Biochemistry laboratory


Biochemistry laboratory: Exploring biochemical mechanisms in health and pathology

Our Biochemistry Laboratory operates at the interface of advanced laboratory science and medical diagnostics. We specialise in investigating biochemical mechanisms underlying both health and disease. Our comprehensive range of services includes disease prevention, accurate diagnosis, differential diagnosis, prognostic monitoring and tailored treatment evaluations using biological materials such as serum, plasma, tissues and various body fluids.

Through the expert application of chemical and molecular biological techniques, we perform meticulous analyses that meet the highest standards. Rooted in the field of medical laboratory science, our efforts include investigating organ functionality, judicious test selection and implementation, astute medical interpretation of results, seamless collaboration with clinical professionals and dynamic adaptation to the latest scientific developments and innovations.

Within our Clinical Biochemistry Department, we offer a wide range of accepted tests within specialised departments, including hormone analysis, haematology and coagulation, determination of drug levels and evaluation of tumour markers.

Sample services:

- Hormone analysis
- Profiling metabolism
- Radioimmunoassay (RIA) studies
- Urinalysis
- Comprehensive haematological assessment