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We are a partner of Medicana Health Group.

MedGlobal Healthcare fulfils a crucial advocacy role for individuals involved in the healthcare system in Turkey. Our responsibility extends to maintaining substantial liaisons with medical facilities, insurance entities and media outlets. Within this dynamic, we place considerable emphasis on promoting care that is centred around the patient, as well as facilitating treatment fees and adequate aftercare services.

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  • Non-insured assistance
  • Second opinion
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  • Expert guidance


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Why choose MedGlobal Healthcare for your Medical care abroad?

MedGlobal Healthcare guarantees guidance, support and high-quality care in Turkey. You don't have to travel the road to medical care abroad alone. We are here to help you and ensure your well-being.


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Our services

  • Up-to-date and relevant information is provided through our comprehensive website, brochures and national meetings on medical care in Turkey. We understand that this information is essential to make an informed choice.
  • We facilitate contact between peers and medical professionals, both at national events and through more personal initiatives. No one understands your situation better than those who have experienced the same challenges.
  • Our focus is always on representing your interests. We achieve this by staying in constant dialogue with hospitals, insurers and media. In doing so, we emphasise patient-centred care, treatments and aftercare.
  • As your partner in the healthcare process in Turkey, we regularly have relevant discussions at different levels, with healthcare professionals, policymakers and colleagues from international organisations. We contribute not only our expertise but also our own experiences during these discussions.

Planned care

Planned care includes all treatments and care that can be scheduled in advance. People often choose treatment in Turkey because of the absence of waiting times, improved communication, more extensive treatment offerings and more diagnostic testing. Moreover, sometimes techniques and drugs are used that are not yet approved in the Netherlands. If you choose to be treated in Turkey, this is considered planable care. Generally, Dutch health insurers reimburse most treatments abroad, depending on policy conditions. A referral letter, compliance with international medical standards and permission from your health insurer are important here.

Non-insured assistance

Certain care, such as dentistry and plastic surgery, may not be considered necessary by the Dutch government. These may possibly be included in additional insurances. A thorough preparation, including reimbursement pathway and possible additional costs, is important when considering a treatment pathway in Turkey. Also pay attention to additional treatments offered during your care path.