Lung and breast diseases


Lung and breast diseases

We provide our services to examine, diagnose and treat disorders of the respiratory system. This is performed by our specialised physician, using cutting-edge approaches and technologies. Our focus is on restoring the health of our patients within a range of areas, including lung diseases, tuberculosis, allergy immunology and respiratory sleep disorders.

Within our practice, we treat disorders of the chest. These conditions are increasing in incidence and variety, partly due to factors such as air pollution and the growing number of smokers. Our approach is fully in line with the most comprehensive scientific framework. There are several laboratories within our department, equipped with the necessary technical and technological equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of all possible diseases that can arise from disorders of the chest.

Our services include:

- Allergy tests
- Diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for asthma
- Diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for bronchitis
- Diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for COPD
- Treatment of respiratory disorders
- Diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough and wheezing
- Diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for shortness of breath
- Smoking cessation counselling
- Interpretation of breathing tests
- Sleep laboratory for diagnosis and treatment of sleep problems
- Diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for tuberculosis and other lung diseases
- Diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases

With us, clear communication and accessibility is paramount so that all our patients receive the best possible care.