Altıntepe Kızılay Hospital

Altıntepe | Kızılay Hospital

In 1999, Altıntepe Kızılay Medical Centre opened with the aim of providing high-quality care on an impressive 11,430 m² site. Our 17 well-equipped facilities house a team of 121 dedicated staff, including 27 experienced doctors in various specialisations. Our centre is known for fast, reliable top-quality outpatient diagnostic and treatment services.

We are committed to accessible care, providing expert diagnosis and targeted treatments. With advanced medical technology, we cater to diverse needs, from routine check-ups to specialised consultations and procedures. As a cornerstone of our community, we take our role seriously and strive for excellence in healthcare. Altıntepe Kızılay Medical Centre continues to provide a trusted environment that patients can rely on with confidence. Our commitment to medical progress and well-being remains unchanged, aiming for a healthier future for all who rely on us.